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Phase 3 >> Test and Go-Live Phase

What to Expect:

This phase will incorporate both test and live production data testing, syncing data to the external systems for the first time, creating and setting up schedules, and fully going live with the integration.

  • Finalize Testing:

    • We will show you how to test individual records and provide best practice instructions for how to test your integration.  
    • There can be several passes of testing. Often, clean records with qualified data will be tested initially and then a selection of your real data. 100-500 real records is often sufficient to confirm that the integration is functioning as it should.
  • The Initial Sync of Production Data:

    • Once testing is completed and mappings are finalized and confirmed by the team, your lead specialist will walk through the initial sync of data steps in Vertify (typically from your CRM to your Marketing Automation system).
      • This entails moving all existing data (i.e., Accounts, Contacts, Leads) from the CRM to the MAP, typically done in batches. 
      • Filters and merge rules must be approved at this stage.
    • Once the initial sync is complete, we'll review and troubleshoot errors, answer questions and then also progress towards enabling schedules. 
    • After we receive confirmation of go-live, we'll partner on building out automated schedules, what their interval cadence looks like, and then enable them when ready.

Tool Tip: Records are held in Vertify but will not move or sync automatically until a schedule is established to automate this.

Phase 4 >> Ongoing Support Phase

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