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Phase 1 >> Onboarding Phase

What can I expect?

The Onboarding Phase is comprised of a kick-off call including all stakeholders and your Vertify One Team, setting up weekly huddles, and connecting your external systems in Vertify.

  • Kick-off Call:

    • We’ll hold a kick-off call to make introductions with all project team members and learn who we’ll be working with over the coming weeks. 
    • We will walk through the project scope to ensure we are all on the same page surrounding the nature of the project. 
    • Following that, we will give you an overview of our roles & responsibilities, review the recommended timeline, outline resource commitments needed, project tasks, and next steps.
    • Following the call, your Vertify team will send an email recap outlining action items to be completed and by whom in conjunction with system setup guides (as available).
  • External System Configuration:

    • There are a handful of small tasks that need to be performed in each system to prepare them for integration, typically done by the administrators of those systems referencing the setup guides provided by the Vertify team.
    • Your lead specialist will then use the credentials your administrators provide to connect the systems you are integrating to your Vertify instance. 
    • These are necessary for Vertify to learn about which objects and records your system has in order to move along to the next phase where we'll collectively begin the data mapping process.
    • Once the systems are successfully connected, your integration specialist will start the data collections and mappings! This will officially start your project kick-off and progress you to the next phase.



Phase 2 >> Strategy and Design Phase

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