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Automatic "Collect As Of" Schedules

Vertify has released a new feature that allows you to schedule the automatic recollection of records on a regular basis. This can be used as a fail-safe for APIs who have intermittent issues with dropping or missing records from their response to Vertify. Currently, this feature is supported for our NetSuite and Bullhorn connectors, as those APIs have been reported to have this problem.


The feature can be implemented by enabling the “Periodic Collect As Of” parameter for that connector. The syntax for the parameter is as follows:



For example, the parameter below tells Vertify to start a recollection every 24 hours for any contacts that have been updated within the last 48 hours. Additionally, the recollection should only run between the hours of 05:00 UTC and 10:00 UTC so that the regular integration is not impacted during normal business hours.



Please reach out to or to learn more or enable this for your integration.

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