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April 2024 Product Announcements

General Product Updates

1. Provide an easier path to delete a movement

Individual mappings within a movement no longer need to be deleted one-by-one prior to being able to delete the entire movement! To delete a movement, navigate to the Movements screen and click into the movement you wish to delete.

Then, click Delete Movement on the right side of your screen and then OK to confirm.

2. Fix preview filter issue when using datetime fields

Previously, an internal error was thrown when attempting to preview the results of a filter with a datetime field. This has now been resolved.

3. Fix Merge Rule history display

Previously when viewing the change history for Merge Rules, some field information was not preserved and displayed. This has been resolved and may be accessed in View History.

4. Display clearer error messaging when a movement fails due to orphaned links. 

Previously an internal error was thrown when records with orphaned Vertify Ids attempted to move through a movement. The error message is now clearer and directs you to contact Vertify Support for resolution.

Connector-Specific Updates 

  1. Bullhorn
    • Updates were released to automatically retry on Bullhorn API timeout errors and to optimize collect changes for NoteContacts and NoteCandidates objects. 
  2. DynamicsREST and SalesforceREST
    • Updates were released to preserve the ProjectProperty data type for dynamic objects. 
  3. ODBC
    • Updates were released to handle unlimited string column length schemas and to correct lastQuery date format to ISO-8601 for PostgreSQL. 
  4. Pipedrive
    • Updates were released to support the collection of the DealProduct object. 
  5. SFTP
    • Updates were released to support semicolon-delimited files. 
  6. SpreeCommerce
    • Updates were released to support the collection of the RMA and OrderLineItem objects. 


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