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May 2024 Product Announcements

Connector-Specific Updates 

  1. Bullhorn
    • Updates were released to retry “underlying connection was closed” messages returned from the Bullhorn API.
  2. Magento
    • Added support for dynamic extension_attributes on the Company object.
    • Added support for CatalogProduct website_ids.
  3. NetSuite
    • Inventory Item Pricing Match parameter added, which adds the BasePrice to the InventoryItem object in order to select the correct price. 
      • InventoryItemPricingMatch specifies a string in the form of [] [] that finds the desired pricingMatrix priceList value to store in InventoryItem field customFieldList.BasePrice. 
      • If the parameter is set, Vertify stores an InventoryItem field named customFieldList.BasePrice whose value is calculated in the following way:
        • First, the desired pricingMatrix.pricing entry is located based on the parameter value.
        • The first pricingMatrix pricing entry where [] [] matches the regular expression in the InventoryItemPricingMatch value, e.g. USA Retail.
        • If no regex match is found, the first pricingMatrix pricing entry is used.
        • Second, for the entry that was found, grab the first priceList.value and use that for the value to store at customFieldList.BasePrice. 
  4. ODBC
    • Updates were released to fix the display of long error text in the UI.
  5. Pipedrive
    • Updates were released to fix the GetFields API object query to handle over 100 fields returned. 

  6. Salesloft
    • Vertify now supports Rhythm custom signals. Vertify supercharges Rhythm, allowing you to harness the full potential of custom data for smarter sales automation and data-driven decisions. Check out our updated Salesloft marketplace listing here for more info.
  7. SFTP
    • Updates were released to support period characters in CSV column header names.


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