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June 2024 Product Announcements

Product-Specific Updates 

  1. Update AWS Infrastructure
    • We have deployed updates to our AWS infrastructure to update the SSL/TLS ciphers that are enabled on our load balancers. Now, only newer, safer ciphers are enabled.
  2. Fix UI crash on deleted system edit
    • Previously, there was an issue with editing deleted systems that had the same name as an active system. This has been resolved.
  3. Fix login parameter save issue
    • Previously, user credentials were being required to be entered when editing other unrelated login parameters. This has been resolved.

Connector-Specific Updates 

  1. Bullhorn
    • Updates were released to avoid excessive logs for "401 Not Found" and "403 Forbidden" errors.
  2. NetSuite
    • Updates were released to add the "QuantityAvailable" field to the InventoryItem object.


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